Things to Look for in a Custom Embroidered Patches Supplier

Custom embroidered patches are fun, colorful, and useful. You can use these amazing patches for self-expression. You can also use these patches to express your creativity and cover holes in your favorite clothing. You can place them on your shirt, jeans, bags, and even on your wall.

Custom embroidered patches can be used in many ways:


• You can give it as a personalized gift. You can print your friend’s name on the patch and give it to him/her on his/her birthday. Your friend will totally appreciate it.

• You can use patches to commemorate special events such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. You can use custom patches as party favors.

• You can use embroidered patches to reward outstanding employees. You can place “Outstanding Employee of the Year” or “Number 1 Sales Agent” on the patches.

• You can also use patches to inspire people. You can print inspirational and motivating quotes on the patches.

• You can use custom embroidered patches to create awareness. For example, if you’re working for a non-profit organization that helps women with breast cancer, you can use patches to raise awareness about breast cancer.

• If you’re into sports, you can use these patches to show your support for your favorite team.

• Custom embroidered patches are also used to incorporate the logo of schools and business into uniforms.

• Embroidered patches are also great fashion accessories. You can use these patches to add more sass to your look.

• You can also use patches to inculcate pride and a sense of belongingness among your club members. Motorcycle clubs give custom patches to their members as a symbol of pride and togetherness.

• Girl scouts and boy scouts use patches to honor achievements and great work.

• If you’re into politics, you can use custom patches for your political campaign. You can give these patches to your supporters. On, you can see different Custom Embroidered Patches.

But, what are the things that you should look for in a custom patches supplier?


1. Reputation

Look for the supplier who has a great reputation. Choose a supplier that has extensive experience in producing embroidered patches. Check online reviews regarding your prospects.

2. Quality of Work

Before you choose a supplier, make sure the check the portfolio of your prospects. Make surethat you pick the supplier that produces high quality patches. Patches are cheap, but it does not mean that you have to settle for low quality output. Make sure that there are no loose threads.

3. Reasonable Price

Some suppliers may overcharge you so it is important to choose a supplier who has a reasonable pricing scheme in place. Pick a supplier that has flexible packages. Also, choose a supplier that gives you great value for money.

4. Creativity

Choose a patch supplier that has a great creative team that will help you conceptualize a unique design. Your supplier must be willing to work with you to deliver the design that you want.

5. Capacity

If you’re working for an organization and you need to produce hundreds and thousands of patches, you have to pick a supplier who has the production capacity that you need.

6. Communication

Choose a patch supplier who’s willing to answer your and reply to your queries in a timely manner.

7. Customer Service

You must choose a custom patch supplier that offers great customer service. Pick a supplier that’s willing to go an extra mile for you. Pick the one that does not require additional payment for revisions and changes. Your supplier must also be willing to accommodate special needs like unique shapes, specific materials, and timeliness of delivery.

8. Commitment.

Pick a supplier who’s committed to customer satisfaction. Choose the one who’s really passionate about creating high-quality custom embroidered patches.