The Value of Custom Silicon Wristbands

customrubberpinsWith the rise of the use of silicon bands as advocacy statements about a decade ago, more and more uses for these lightweight and versatile bands have cropped up as well. It is interesting to note how virtually unlimited the options for these bands are. There is great value to using custom silicon wristbands whether for personal or for business purposes. There are plenty of manufacturers of these bands that can produce a range of quantities in the specifications required by their customers. Once the purpose for using these bands are established, the customers can already go through the steps of designing their bands and finding a reliable supplier.

Custom silicon wristbands provide much value in the following areas:

1. Spreading Awareness 

This is what the custom silicon wristbands were originally created for. It was Lance Armstrong who first popularized the use of these bands to promote awareness about his advocacy. Seeing how effective these bands were, other advocacy groups followed suit and started making and distributing their own bands. These are often given out for free as an expression of support for specific causes. In some instances, they can be sold as part of fundraising initiatives for particular projects. Some sponsors get these bands in bulk in exchange for their huge financial contribution to the advocacy groups.

2. Marketing 

Companies can promote their brands by using these custom silicon wristbands as giveaways. They can offer these bands as freebies when people buy their products. They can also give them out during special events. When companies sponsor performances, they can also give these bands away for distribution to the audience. The bands are usually printed with their logos to promote brand awareness. These bands can be worn everyday, serving as “walking advertisements” for the brand. As these bands do not cost much, companies can stretch their marketing budgets yet achieve maximum mileage.

3. Identification 

These bands can be used as a means to identify groups of people. For some organizations, they can be used to identify the members usually during an event. Colorful customized bands are also creative ways to identify students in a class, particularly during times when they have activities outside of school. In the social scene, coded wristbands can be used to gain access to bars and establishments as well as event venues.  More advanced types of silicon wristbands can also have data storage mechanisms such as RFID chips, GPS devices, and bar or QR codes. This allows their identification details to be stored into the bands so that they can be read by a scanning device. In the case of GPS devices, the persons wearing the bands can be located with the use of high tech equipment.

4. Fashion

There are also those who wear silicon wristbands for simply as accessories. They do not have a particular statement to convey or brand to promote. The colors and designs in their wristbands serve to perk up or brighten up their outfit. They can have their bands customized with their own personal design. There are some who have their names or favorite characters printed on their wristbands.

There are plenty of other uses for custom silicon wristbands. As the manufacturing technology evolves, people have found other ways to make these unassuming rubber wristbands more functional and practical. The cost remains to be low even as the demand for these bands is increasing. Thinking of more creative ways of taking advantage of these low cost, durable, and eye-catching accessory is highly recommended. In the end, consumers will always find these wristbands to give great value for their money yet effectively serve whatever purpose they are intended for.

We offer wristbands that are also available in a range of bright colors, which makes the customized silicone wristbands an effective way to promote or publicize a good cause, a business or a sports team.