Common but Interesting Uses for ID Lanyards

A lanyard is a wire or rope that has a deadeye used to hold and rig something. It is a strap or thong that is usually worn around the neck. The most common use of a lanyard is for holding a badge, ticket, pass or any kind of identification card. This is very helpful because in places where security is necessary, people are required to wear identification badges in such a way that is easily seen. The clip attached to the end of the ID lanyard holds a plastic pouch or badge case. It is usually clear on one side so that the identification tag can be exposed.

ID lanyardsIn the corporate world, the use of lanyards by employees are also implemented and mandatory. This not only promotes security especially in shared buildings. Wearing of lanyards with ID cards will also reduce the risk of corporate spying. Likewise, it will lessen the liability of untoward incidents happening inside a corporate building because security will be ensured. As employees work in a secure workplace, they will be more effective, efficient and productive.

ID lanyards can also be used for other purposes. They can hold cameras, mp3 players, keys, pens, eyeglasses, small flashlights, USB flash drives and other everyday stuff that you do not want to lose or misplace.

ID lanyards can also be attached to kill switches that are used for hazardous machinery. For workers handling cutting machines or slicing apparatus, a lanyard will ensure that they can easily turn a machine off if something goes awry. Lanyards are used by people exercising or running on a treadmill. It is attached to the switch that will immediately turn off the machine if the person using the treadmill accidentally falls. They are also used for trains and jet-skis so that if the driver or operator suddenly becomes incapacitated to control the vehicle, the lanyard can be used to pull what is called a dead man’s switch to stop the vehicle.

While a wallet badge seems more authoritative, a lanyard badge for a police officer is no less effective. In places of high civilian percentage, it will help people around the area immediately identify a police officer. They don’t have to pull their wallets out to show people their authority. This is especially helpful in checkpoints. Whistles, night sticks and sometimes pistols can be held by lanyards to make them more accessible to the officer.

ID lanyards are also used by security guards, military personnel and law enforcement officers not only to hold keys but also to hold their side arms. This will keep these important weapons from falling to the ground when big movements during missions or emergencies are required. These specific lanyards are equipped with a breakaway closure that will be released once the user applies pressure. The breakaway closure will prevent hanging or choking.

The ID lanyards used by staff in clinics, factories or childcare facilities also come with such kinds of closures. Utility workers or linemen use lanyards to hold their tools. A good lanyard is durable and can be used for industrial purposes. Not only can they secure tools, they can also be utilized as hooking devices to secure linemen in place particularly in dangerous conditions.

ID lanyards can be made in different colors, sizes, designs and materials. Polyester, PET, satin silk, woven fabric, braided par cord and braided leather are used to make lanyards. Lanyards can also be customized. If they are used for certain events such as product launching, trade shows, exhibits or conventions. The printing of names, company logos ad event titles can be done through various techniques such as heat transfer, offset printing, screen-printing, and loom weaving.

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